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Raspberry Sorbet

9 Aug Raspberry Sorbet

Fresh and frozen for summer.

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Lemon Curd Pavlova with Fresh Berries

17 Apr

This is one of the finest things I’ve ever made.

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Fancy-Dancy Beef Wellington

1 Jan Grazing In The City - Beef Wellington

This is what I made for dinner this past Christmas Eve. I’ve never made Beef Wellington before and can now check it off my ‘culinary bucket list’.

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Now, Where Was I?

31 Dec Grazing in The City - Happy New Year from Chicago, IL

It’s been awhile since I posted, y’all! Starting a new job this past year has been awesome, but with all the new things it has brought in my life, I lost momentum with this blog. Taking a break was good thing – I’ve been able to focus on other areas and re-energize my love of cooking, eating, writing and eating even more.

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Crêpe Fear – Lager Crêpes with Spinach and Mushrooms

11 Aug Grazing in The City - Spinach and Mushroom Crepes

Crêpe Fear – the fear of making something outside of your comfort zone for the first time. And having it be perfect and delicious.

Also, the fear of being terrorized by maniacal and vengeful French pastries.

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Salted Caramel Ice Cream

4 Jul Grazing in The City - Salted Caramel Ice Cream

I got an ice cream maker awhile back – I tried it a couple times and made some decent ice cream. However – when I made this delicious treat, it finally paid off – in sweet, salted caramel spades.

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Chess Squares

1 Jul Grazing in The City - Chess Squares

The one and only Chess Squares. I’ve been making these for years and this recipe has always delivered. They’re (probably) Southern in origin – and people love these gooey bars of heavenly goodness – in fact, in certain areas, I’m kind of known for these.

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Basic Pound Cake

23 Jan Grazing in The City - Pound Cake

Here’s a recipe to take things back to my church cookbook roots. Pretty much a guaranteed winner at county fairs everywhere, pound cakes are one of those dessert staples I grew up on – seems like there was always a pound cake of some sort hanging out in the kitchen. My mom would make different kinds, and I’m sure there are as many kinds of pound cake as there are county fairs across the land. Here is a good, basic recipe which can be added to or enhanced with other flavors to suit what you would like – it’s guaranteed to win the blue ribbon . . .

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Happy New Year!

1 Jan Grazing in The City - Happy New Year from Chicago, IL

Happy New Year! Felis Anja Nobo! Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! Feliz Ano Novo! Bonne Année! Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Gott Nytt År! Bon Lanné! Baxtalo Nevo Bersh! Is-sena T-tajba! Felice Anno Nuovo! Sun Lin Fi Lok! Sretna Nova Godina!!

Wishing you all the best in 2012!!

Spicy Spotlight – Rosemary

30 Dec Grazing in The City - Spicy Spotlight - Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most versatile herbs, with popular uses including cooking, medicinal and aromatherapy (fancy!). Is there anything it can’t do? One of the world’s oldest herbs (aren’t they all?), Rosemary has a storied history, with as many myths and superstitions associated with it as it has practical uses. And then there was Rosemary’s Baby, which actually has nothing to do with the herb, but is still a cool movie, even if it can be seen as Roman Polanski’s creepy precursor to his wife’s grisly fate a year later. But that’s another topic . . .

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