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Roasted Chicken with Caramelized Shallots

29 Aug

It is not pumpkin season, yet.

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Cherry Clafoutis

11 Aug Cherry Clafoutis - Grazing in The City

Rustic French Dessert

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Strawberry and Peach Cobbler with Pecan Strudel Topping

17 Jul Strawberry and Peach Cobbler - Grazing in The City

Two posts in one week? This one’s worth it.

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Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts

7 Apr

An excellent side dish for any occasion.

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Now, Where Was I?

31 Dec Grazing in The City - Happy New Year from Chicago, IL

It’s been awhile since I posted, y’all! Starting a new job this past year has been awesome, but with all the new things it has brought in my life, I lost momentum with this blog. Taking a break was good thing – I’ve been able to focus on other areas and re-energize my love of cooking, eating, writing and eating even more.

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Gruyere Scones With Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions

23 Jun Grazing in The City - Savory Scones

I made these with caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms. Oh, and gruyere cheese. All on my scone. Mmm-hmm, that’s right.

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Lemon Garlic Chicken

5 May Grazing in The Kitchen - Lemon Garlic Chicken

Last week I didn’t post anything as I was out of town and this week has been crazy-busy, but now I’m back with a quick and delicious recipe that will knock your socks off. This is a fairly short post – I’ve made lots of things in the past weeks and am a little backed up on getting everything posted. And now, on with the show.

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Lemon Thyme Tea Cookies

21 Apr Grazing in the City - Lemon Thyme Cookies

Looking for a buttery-yet-light spring time cookie? Look no further than these tasty and bright little morsels of heaven.

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