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Coppervine Lincoln Park

5 Jul Coppervine Restaurant Lincoln Park - Grazing in The City

This new restaurant deserves a lot of attention.

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Endgrain Restaurant

23 Jun

This new restaurant is a smart-yet-laid-back addition to Roscoe Village. Continue reading

The Boarding House: A Brand New Classic

9 Jan Grazing in The City - The Boarding House Restaurant

I’ve been a fan of Chicago’s own Alpana Singh for awhile and I’ve also followed the buzz around The Boarding House opening. So when the time came, I couldn’t wait to go and sink my tastebuds in!

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Dunlays on the Square

27 May Grazing in The City - Chicago Restaurant - Dunlay's on the Square

It’s hard to believe this is my first restaurant review this year. Where has the time gone?

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Girl and the Goat: Gastric Gratitude

15 Oct Grazing in The City - Chicago - Girl and the Goat

Many of my friends have been to Girl and the Goat – some loved it, raving about the combinations of food and ingredients and how chef Stephanie Izard composes the dishes. Others thought it was overblown and didn’t live up to the hype.

One thing is for certain – Girl and the Goat is one of the busiest restaurants in the Windy City right now, with reservations accepted only months in advance. We went there for my birthday earlier this month – our reservation was made back in July. So I’d heard the debate – how great is Girl and and the Goat? Really? Imaginative and out of this world? Or bombastic and overblown? (Yeah I used the term ‘bombastic’ – look it up on Boo-ya! And I totally just used the term ‘Boo-ya’ as well. Welcome back to 2005!)

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Subterranean Surprise – The Bedford Restaurant

5 Sep

The Bedford knocked my socks off – it’s that simple. Backstory – we happened to be visiting some friends in the neighborhood who mentioned this place was nearby and worth checking out. It was getting late on a Tuesday evening and we were hungry. We had already heard great things about it, and since it wasn’t close to the weekend, we decided to give it a try.

Unassuming from the outside, we had to know exactly where it was, or we probably would have missed it. But as unassuming as it is from the outside, it’s quite the opposite on the inside. The website itself is worth checking out for the images alone (much better than my crappy, amateur shots) – The Bedford is a place you can bank on!

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Grahamwich Restaurant: Windy City Hot-Spot . . . or Just Full of Hot Air?

15 Jul Grahamwich - Chicago Restaurant - City Dining

So I’ve heard mixed reviews about Grahamwich. On the one hand, it’s considered a fancy-schmancy sandwich shop with underwhelming-yet-overpriced sandwiches. On the other hand, this hot, Windy City lunch spot is also considered an out-of-this-world offshoot of the immensely popular Graham Elliot restaurant over at 217 W. Huron, both created by Chicago’s own Graham Elliot Bowles himself – apparently the youngest 4-star chef in the US and one of the judges on the tv show “MasterChef” – which, I’ll admit I’ve never seen.

(Another cooking challenge show? Slit my wrists now!)

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Chicago Restaurant – West Town Tavern

21 Jun

West Town Tavern is a place I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. We stopped in here around the holidays last year after one of those cocktail reception thingies. I don’t remember much about that reception except it was in a very fashionable work space (glass walls and hardwood floors) with lots of wine, a keg of beer and all these pans of fried chicken. So random. We didn’t stay long, just a requisite visit and some holiday howdy-doodies – and, since we were in the area, we thought we would stop in for a real dinner before heading home.

West Town Tavern - Chicago Restaurant

And the place was packed out! We didn’t have a reservation, so all we could do is stand there at the hostess stand, coveting all the people sitting at their tables with THE best smelling food steaming in front of them as they quaffed hearty drinks and glasses of wine, watching as it spilled down their chins in tiny rivulets as they laughed and reveled in their own exclusive merriment. Because they HAD a reservation. And we did NOT.

Ok, it didn’t happen quite like that – but don’t you hate that feeling? Hoping, just hoping you’ll get in somewhere you really like and then they’re packed and you don’t have a reservation and it’s gonna be an hour and 45 minute wait? Ugh. So that was my first impression of this place.

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