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Cherry Clafoutis

11 Aug Cherry Clafoutis - Grazing in The City

Rustic French Dessert

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Sweet Tea Cookies

26 Apr

About as Southern as a cookie can get.

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Lemon Curd Pavlova with Fresh Berries

17 Apr

This is one of the finest things I’ve ever made.

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Bombshell Blondies

10 Mar Grazing in The City - Bombshell Blondies

There’s something to be said for vanilla.

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Apple Fritter Cake

2 Mar

I don’t cook with apples enough.

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Black Magic Chocolate Cake

10 Feb

Sometimes you’re just powerless against it.

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Lazy Man’s Flan Parisian

28 Jul Grazing in The City - Vanilla Custard Tart

As the summer wears on, I’m finding it harder to motivate myself to cook in the kitchen. With all the heat outside, why make even more inside? But once I saw this recipe for Flan Parisian (Vanilla Custard Tart), I thought this might be worth cranking up the old oven.

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Chess Squares

1 Jul Grazing in The City - Chess Squares

The one and only Chess Squares. I’ve been making these for years and this recipe has always delivered. They’re (probably) Southern in origin – and people love these gooey bars of heavenly goodness – in fact, in certain areas, I’m kind of known for these.

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Best Homemade Brownies

10 Feb Grazing in The City - Homemade Brownies

Brownies are about as American as suburbs and the Flintstones, aren’t they? Who hasn’t had brownies from a box mix – at school or for a birthday party or an awkward office potluck? They’re always on the dessert table and with a little water, some oil and a couple of eggs – voila! You’ve done your part, so Joyce over in Accounts Payable can just shut up about how you never contribute.

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Gracious Living: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

3 Feb Grazing in The City - Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

In my mind, chocolate chip banana bread is the perfect gift to bring to someone’s home. Whether they’re a new neighbor, or they’ve invited you to a dinner party, or just as a way to express thanks, for say, letting you bootleg their cable or wifi, banana bread fits the bill. It’s all about what I’ve heard referred to as ‘gracious living’. And this is something I’ve struggled with, even writing this post – because I’ve never fancied myself as someone who strives for gracious living.

Makes me wonder what exactly is gracious living?

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