Blue Cheese Chicken – Hey, This Sucks!

23 Oct

Have you ever felt like you cooked something and, no matter how high your hopes, it came out disappointing? Well, that’s what happened here. Earlier last week I was looking for inspiration for something to cook – I found a recipe in a church cookbook (as I’m known to do) and thought I could adapt it and make it better. Well – I was wrong. And it sucked.

The original recipe called for making a blue cheese sauce with sour cream and lemon juice – adding to some browned chicken, baking it off in the oven and then serving over rice. I like the idea of using blue cheese and so this got my mind to racing and thinking about how I could improve the recipe. And that’ is where the train started running off the rails.

Grazing in The City - Chicago - Blue Cheese Chicken

All the Ingredients

Hey – what if I served this with pasta instead of rice? What if I added mushrooms – and artichokes! YUM! What if baked it all up together as one angry Eastern European casserole? Let’s Do It!

So I boiled the pasta while I sweated a chopped shallot and 3 cloves of garlic. Then I added some chicken to brown and seasoned all that up. Once the chicken was browned I layered that in with the pasta in a casserole dish.

Grazing in The City - Chicago - Blue Cheese Chicken

Cooking the Chicken Up

After I cooked the chicken, I deglazed the pan with 1/c cup of vermouth. Then I sauteed the sliced mushrooms in the pan, letting them cook down a bit. For the sauce, I combined some sour cream and blue cheese and lemon juice. I added this to the mushrooms and topped it all off with a jar of artichoke hearts, which I drained the juice from.

Grazing in The City - Chicago - Blue Cheese Chicken

Sauteeing the Mushrooms

I will say it smelled heavenly coming together. A lot of tangy-garlicness that filled up the house with the chicken and seasonings. And I remember thinking this was going to be one delicious dish . . .

But then when I actually served it up . . . it didn’t taste bad, per se. But the pasta absorbed a lot of the sauce – and it was a little on the thicker side to begin with, anyway. So it was all thick and gunky and a little too tangy for my taste. I think with the sour cream and the blue cheese and the lemon juice – it all added up together and sent the tartness factor through the roof. And I think adding the artichokes was a bit much. Way to go overboard, stupid artichokes!

Grazing in The City - Chicago - Blue Cheese Chicken

Stupid Artichokes

I think if I had used good old heavy cream instead of sour cream, it would have toned down the tang and turned out a lot better. Note to self – “Tone Down the Tang”. Regardless, I won’t be making this sucky dish again. Sounded great in my head – tasted like crap in my mouth.

Grazing in The City - Chicago - Blue Cheese Chicken

Tone Down the Tang

But, more so – I still want to make something that knocks my socks off, you know? I’m definitely more of a main-dish kind of cook and the fact that this didn’t turn out well, really makes me want to cook something that is amazingly good. Maybe next time . . . sigh.

Grazing in The City - Chicago - Blue Cheese Chicken

Disappointing Dish


One Response to “Blue Cheese Chicken – Hey, This Sucks!”

  1. Eva @ October 24, 2011 at 6:03 pm #

    Too bad, the ingredients sound good to me too. Although I do find cooking with blue cheese is better at the very end, and that way it doesn’t render into fats and solids. The sour cream might have been good without the lemon juice.

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