Sola in Chicago – Where the Smart Kids Are

10 Oct

If you’re looking for an upbeat restaurant in the Windy City with a fantastic brunch, look no further than Sola Restaurant. I went for the first time last weekend as part of a birthday restaurant trifecta and this place was a great experience! We met a friend there and enjoyed delicious food in a great, lively setting – perfect for chatting and catching up.

I’m always up for discovering new brunch places and this North-Center restaurant was a wise decision. And if you’re smart, you’ll head over as well!

Their food is described as “Hawaiian fusion” – I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly, but after reading their menu, I sort of go it. There was definitely some Hawaiian – or at least Polynesian – influences on the menu. Regardless of the influences on their cuisine, it doesn’t take a brainiac to enjoy the flavors!

The interior was slightly upscale, with neat hanging lights and a minimal decor. It was smart without pushing it, does that make sense? Our friend had been there several times already and was able to recommend some nice stuff. We started with some “Malasadas” – which are Portugese-style doughnuts, that are apparently popular on the big island? (Who knew?). They were delicious – served with both a raspberry coulis and hot fudge sauce – the coulis was better, giving a nice spark to the fried doughnut.

Grazing in The City - Chicago - Sola Restaurant - Malasadas

Malasadas - Portugese Style Doughnuts

For my entree, I ordered the rib tips eggs benedict – which was awesome. Delicious shredded beef tips topped with the traditional poached eggs, all covered in a rich and zesty hollandaise sauce and served over biscuits. With plenty of hash browns. Heavenly.

Grazing in The City - Chicago - Sola Restaurant - Short Ribs Benedict

Short Ribs Benedict

I was torn between that and the chorizo benedict served over cornbread. But our friend ordered that and it looked even more amazing than mine – plenty of spicy chorizo with the poached eggs and hollandaise, served over a huge piece of cornbread. YUM.

I also ordered a bloody mary (of course) – and it came generously garnished with a dill spear, olive, lemon and lime. It was practically a whole salad – which I appreciated. I love a lot of crap in my bloody marys and this one did not disappoint. (sorry, no pictures of the drink – I guess I couldn’t wrench myself away long enough to snap a pic)

This could very easily be a place to bring out of town guests for a good brunch in a fun, local setting. I did think the kitchen was thisclose to being a little slow, but the server more than made up for that and was very attentive. Would like to check out their dinner as well, but for the value, I think Sola is a smart choice for a fun brunch.

And now you know. And the more you know, the better you are. Cause knowledge is power. And Sola is great.

Required Info:

  • Name – Sola Restaurant
  • Neighborhood – North-Center
  • Where – 3868 N Lincoln Ave
  • Phone – (773) 327-3868
  • Meals – Dinner during the week, Lunch/Brunch and Dinner on weekends
  • Attire – Casual

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