Paella Omelet with Homemade Turkey Sausage

13 Jul

This was my late breakfast this past Sunday morning. What prompted me to make this in the first place is that I’m having a dinner party later this week and decided to make paella – some of the folks are Jewish, so I knew I couldn’t use pork sausage. So, I decided to make this on a dry run first and try making my own turkey sausage, before I make it later on this week.

So I bought a pound of ground turkey and added the following spices:

onion powder
garlic powder
seasoned pepper
black pepper
white pepper

I basically just added a bunch of stuff from my spice cabinet – mixed it all up and used it instead of chorizo sausage in this recipe here –

I didn’t add the chicken or seafood Sunday morning – I just wanted to make sure my little homemade turkey sausage concoction would turn out good with the rice portion. So I sauteed the turkey sausage instead of the chorizo called for in the recipe, added chopped onion, garlic and diced tomatoes with the arborio rice and saffron – I just made that portion of the recipe. When I make it again tomorrow evening, I’m gonna make it with chicken and shrimp added also . . .

Ya’ll with me so far? So Sunday morning I found myself with a whole mess of turkey sausage paella made up. I decided to make an omelet and add this mixture to it. Make sense?

So I made a basic 3-egg omelet, added a layer of cheddar cheese along with the paella mixture, flipped it over once and got it nice and brown frying it in butter and that was pretty much it.

I will say . . . the turkey sausage is AWESOME. I think this week I’m gonna make it again on Wednesday night – mix the spices with the ground turkey and let it sit overnight in the fridge before cooking on Thursday so it all has a chance to blend together. I’m also basically gonna make the recipe I have linked above – with chicken, but instead of all the shellfish, I’m just gonna get a lot of big fat shrimp and use that.

So that’s how I made a paella omelet – I know none of this is a straight-forward recipe, but I hope it all still makes sense. What is the craziest omelet you’ve ever made??


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